You can benefit from SmartBiz Supplier Management processes to increase the reliability and the quality your procurements.

Most large-scale businesses use thousands of suppliers. Today it is essential to manage the supplier information by registering them, keeping them up to date and sharing them with the relevant parties.

With SmartBiz, you can store all your supplier information in one repository. By using the Supplier Management module, you can store the supplier information in a safe way and provide access to authorized people from anywhere at any time.


You can create records for each of your suppliers at various detail levels including information over supplier’s multiple locations and contact people. Your authorized personnel can access the records from anywhere at any time.


 You can categorize your suppliers based on the products and services provided. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently access the subset of your many suppliers which are most relevant for the task on hand.


After each procurement, by evaluating your supplier with comments and grades in line with the quality control standards of your organization, you can make sure that in your next procurement you will have more guidance for a good decision.