Smart ArGe helps the companies in Turkey maximize their benefits from subsidies and incentives provided by the Turkish government for their R&D and Design Centers. Smart ArGe automates the tasks for the calculation of Social Security benefits, Income Tax reboots, Full time days for the purpose of full compliance with the law and getting benefits in an optimum way. Smart ArGe will help you also by reducing your overhead as well as helping with your bottom line.

 Calculation and Reporting of Qualified Days For Turkish Social Security and Income Tax

In order to reduce the costs of running your Research & Development and Design Centres, your company needs to benefit from the relevant subsidies and incentives provided by the Turkish Government.

With Smart ArGe module, you can easily and with law-compliance calculate and report the days qualified for the Turkish Social Security and Income Tax Rebout incentive.

 Smart ArGe also automates the benefit calculatio for the companies located in technoparks, saving them from relevant labourous work and let them focus on their core business.


Equivalent FTE Calculation

 You can easily calculate and report the equivalent FTE number your R&D and Design Center attained for every 3 month reporting period.

Calculation of Support Employees


Law allows incentives also for the support people like managers, workers, secretaries etc. who are involved in the R&D and Design Center work, provided that their numbers do not exceed the 10% of the personnel directly doing the R&D and Design work. Calculation of FTEs for such personnel is equally as important as that of the core R&D and Design personnel. Smart ArGe enables you to correctly calculate the support FTEs that will benefit from the incentives.

Off-Site Personnel Time Monitoring and Calculation


With Smart ArGe, you can monitor the off-site assignments of the personnel and you can calculate their times spent in such assignments to correctly calculate the incentives.


Multi-Center Support



In case your company has multiple R&D and Design centers, you can manage them on the same platform.


Personnel Information


SmartArGE allows the registration of employees. You can store all information over your individual employees and access them easily, provided that you are authorized to do so, as a user. You can grant the access rights for such information to a specific department of personnel that you decide.


Leave Information


You can define and manage any legally requıired leave type like Paid Leave, Unpaid Leave, Annual Leave, Maternity leave, Sickness leave etc in addition to any other leave type specific to your organization. For each leave type, it is possible to define specific controls and authorisations, perform easily all leave planning and tracking.   

Organization Chart


Smart ArGe software enables you to create the Organizational Chart of your business at desired detail. You can represent the departments, positions that exist in your organization as well as the employees and their numbers. It also lets you to define groups for specific tasks.


Company Calender


Calendar lets you create entries for any activity of your business like meetings, dinners, trainings etc. It lets you create a combined calendar as well as separate calendars for person.