production management


A Product Tree can be described as a recipe which shows which raw and semi-raw materials should be brought together in which hierarchy and amount to produce a product.

Those recipes vary from company to company. Such information is used from production to sales.



With the Production Management Module, workstations fitting to the structure of your company can be defined. With the break downs added, super and sub workstations can be selected. In workstations, the operation types for producing the product can be defined. In addition to operational programmes, you can also specify pause points custom defined to the possible malfunction points in your process.  


You can design the operational processes of your business by using the flow diagrams which defines and sequences the tasks required for producing your products.



This is the place in the system where the production is monitored. Production process starts by storing in the system the information over a product that is scheduled for production after sale or for stock. Functionality like Materials Management, Resource Allocation, Finalization of the product and Preparation for Delivery are some of the functionality covered by this module, among others.