Correct management of inventory is essential for smooth production process in any company.

Every business has to maintain a certain level of inventory to meet the demand. Although inventory costs money, lack of deficient inventory will cost much more money. This dilemma requires a very delicate inventory management.

Smart Biz Inventory Management module helps you achieve Lean Production with the right size of inventory.



Any material, spare parts or end-product which is stored for a while before being used in the production or before being sold to the customer is called inventory. SmartBiz allows you store and access the details of all items in your inventory.




Inventory can be sourced via procurement, production or transfer from another inventory. With the Inventory Management module, you can see all the inventory transactions for the entries in your inventory.


ınventory product out

Inventory items may leave the inventory as a result of sales, materials issues against production orders or inventory transfers. SmartBiz enables you to perform and monitor the details all such inventory transaction types.


Whenever necessary, you can easily transfer inventory items from one inventory to another. Transfer transactions can easily be monitored with all details like transfer amounts, involved inventories etc.


Inventory Management system allows you to reserve the inventory items for a specific need. Once reserved, those items cannot be used for another need/project. Reservation details entailing the reserved amount and the destination can easily be monitored.