Human resources management

Human Resources is the most valuable asset of any business. With the Human Resources Management Module, the operational and strategical tasks of the Human Resources department can be performed in a sustainable way.

Personnel Information

With the Human Resources Management Module, all critical employee information can be stored and easily accessed. Access control to employee information can be granted on specific department, persons.

Leave Management

With the Leave Management module, you can define and manage any legally required leave type like Paid Leave, Unpaid Leave, Annual Leave, Maternity leave, Sickness leaves etc. in addition to any other leave type specific to your organization. For each leave type, it is possible to define specific controls and authorizations, perform easily all leave planning and tracking.

Organizational Chart

Human Resources Module enables you to create the Organizational Chart of your business at desired detail. You can represent the departments, positions that exist in your organization as well as the employees and their numbers. It also lets you to define groups for specific tasks.


Company Calendar

Calendar lets you create entries for any activity of your business-like meetings, dinners, trainings etc. It lets you create a combined calendar as well as separate calendars for person.


Time Sheets

The module lets you can create time sheets with the tasks defined per employee or all employees. You can easily specify and view who worked on which tasks when and how long.


Leaving the Company

You can define job termination types per your criteria and plan the employee leaving process by these criteria.


Document Management

With this tool, you can store, any employee documents in any format in the digital environment. You can view or delete these documents anytime provided that you have the right authorization.


With the Dashboard customized for the needs of your organization, you can access your information in a convenient and speedy way.

Business Processes

Complete and Partial automation of your business processes will benefit your organization tangibly and intangibly.